Inspired by the rhythm and spirit of jazz music Stephanie Taylor (née McKernan) revels in its joy by dancing, organizing, performing, judging, teaching and sometimes even competing. Her heart and body is at home with African American Vernacular Jazz Dancing, in particular the Lindy hop and solo Jazz dancing. Her trademarks are a special mix of inspiring musicality, solid social and performance dancing skills, and unpredictable explosions of excitement.

She strives to be true to the historical roots of Jazz dancing while expressing herself truly through movement. Her goal is to work with like minded people to spread knowledge and love of Jazz dancing as far and as wide as she can.

She has earned several top placements at the Pacific Northwest Lindy Hop Championship and the Harvest Moon Ball Competition at the Killer Diller Ball. She has performed and taught at events across the Pacific Northwest and in Toronto.

Before moving to Toronto in 2008 she spent almost a decade playing a pivotal role in growing and developing the Vancouver Swing scene. Her organizational prowess made her indispensable to undertakings like the first Vancouver Lindy Exchanges (2001, 2002), regular swing nights (Swingin' at St. James and the Savage Ball) and one award-winning performance team (Hot KoKo). It also lead her to Herräng International Dance Camp where she worked as Camp Information Manager, a job that required hours of schedule juggling, list making, and donning a wig and fancy dress each night. She is still known across the dancing world as "the girl with the blue hair".

She founded and continues to produce and direct the biggest and best weekend of dancing in Western Canada, Lindy Bout. Working closely with the other Lindy Bout Bossies, Lucy Falkner and Eileen Jones, Lindy Bout XII is in the works for April 2018.

Since moving to Toronto she has had the pleasure of teaching for and performing with many of the organizations that promote Lindy hop and Jazz in Toronto: Bees Knees Dance, Lindy Hop Revolution, Capital Dance Productions, Hogtown Swing, Toronto Lindy Hop, Toronto Swing Dance Society, Swing Toronto, Swing and Tap Academy and UT Swing. She has performed and taught at events such as The TD Jazz Festival, Luminato, the Canadian National Exhibition and Ontario Place.

Not only is Stephanie a mother of two beautiful children, she is currently the Education Director on the board of Toronto Lindy Hop where she works with amazing people to produce excellent workshops with top notch instructors. The Education Committee's hallmark event is Lindyworks. In 2014, with Eileen Jones, she was co-Registrar of Frankie 100. The event drew together over 2000 dancers from across the world to celebrate Frankie Manning, the Ambassador of Lindy Hop.

She is a founding member of the British Columbia Vernacular Jazz Dance Society, and serving as its Vice-President.

Stephanie and Jasper Palfree at OTown Showdown 2017
Photo:Devon Rowland